Monday, 11 February 2013

Less is more


Day 2 of Beyond Layers arrived in the form of a photo challenge Kim encouraged us to be simplistic with the composition, basically…. less is more…. allow for some lovely negative space in the shot

I am not one for heavy handed textures in general, so this was perfect for me, it got me experimenting to a greater degree than I normally would with the textures themselves.Kim gave us a lovely subtle texture named “Awaken” to work with, and this is the only texture used in these two images. I liked the subtle change it made. The weather was pretty bad the day I did this, rain and then hail in the afternoon, luckily though as I arrived home the sun came out and the golden tones shone warmly on our garden. It made me dash for my camera and get a few shots of the rain drop laden plants.

[Rollover the images to see the Straight out of camera before shots] 

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