Friday, 15 February 2013


Day 3 of 2B was last week, and this week Kim talked about ISO and exposure compensation and then about focus and metering, as mentioned in my last 2B post these were not new to me, but it is wonderful to go back to basics once in a while as I know I for one often forget, especially where exposure compensation is concerned!

This day Kim said that she would love to see us experiment specifically with different focal points. "Set up a shot...of course it can be a still life, a portrait, a nature shot....whatever you want to shoot. Focus on different areas in the scene. Select a collection of your favs (at least 3) and put it together in a lovely layout." Well I played and I played some more, I just LOVE using a shallow depth of field and then use different focal points to change the way a photo looks.
Here is a collage of three of the photos I took

Ooh Kim mentioned that she is going to share how she organises textures, I am looking forward to this, I have so many now that I have collected that this is something I really need to look at.

Until next time............................