Thursday, 31 January 2013

From the beginning......

Day One of Beyond Layers

Kim encouraged us to write our story, I did this offline and was surprised that I ended up writing several pages in my "Creative Journey Notebook", but thought as I have decided to document this journey here I should share a little about me so here goes.......

1. I love making things.
2. I just love learning new things.
3. I love being with my kids, I have two, a boy who is 8 and a girl who is 10.
4. I love art and photography.
5. My favourite photography subjects are macro, landscape and lifestyle.
6. I love travelling.
7. I love books (all types)
8. I also like genealogy and have traced one of my lines back to 1300 and I do a one name study on the surname of Scrace and all it's varients!
I have disclosed a little more about myself online on my Flickr account profile and a couple of chain questionnaires that I answered, if you are at all interested! (

Until Next time......

Karen x

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