Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Out of auto

Well day 2 of 2B (Beyond Beyond) and the challenge was to get out of auto mode on the camera. Kim asked us to experiment with our cameras and to set up a shot or pick a still subject, stand in one spot, switch over to Aperture Priority or AV, set your f/stop down to the lowest it will go, take a series of photos, bumping the f/ stop at a time..... Move in a little closer and go through the series again. Download the images and view the DOF differences as you increased the f/stop settings and adjusted your distance... Having participated in an OU course (T189) several years ago now, I have been shooting out of auto for a while and just love the flexibility and creativity it allows, I shot the above photo about a year ago of the underside of a flower, but just adored the way the petals flowed, it reminded me of a ballerina. I do have a preference for the softness of a shallow DoF so tend to shoot mostly with a very low f-stop (1.4 to 2.8).

I would usually have taken a new shot, but my studio (my conservatory, where the light is just fantastic) is out of action at the moment as it is storing a lot of our furniture whilst we re decorate. As Kim then invited us to edit and make it our own her lovely pine cone image, I decided to have a go at this instead. I had great fun playing with this, I love the white on white, it opens up so many possibilities. My edit is below and if you rollover the image Kim's shot can be seen.

My goals for 2013 is that I hope that I continue with my creative journey and become a lot more confident and find my own style artitstically. I SO need to step outside my comfort zone as well and continue to learn. I did start last year to learn how to use my flash off camera, but this year I want to become more confident in doing so. I have quite a few people asking me to do shoots for them (friends of friends), but I lack the confidence to shoot strangers. I have no problem at all when it is friends so it frustrates me no end feeling this way, especially as I know I would do a good job. 2013 I hope to change this, so watch this space.

Well until next time..........................................

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